Kue Pukis

kue pukis.. IDR 5.000,- only

I had kue pukis (cookies) for breakfast today. I bought it in the way to busway shelter. For 10 pieces I must pay five thousands rupiah. The cookies still warm, fresh from the oven. Yummy 😀

While enjoying the cookies, my head try to figure out what the ingredients are in the cookies. I guess at least there should be flour + eggs + margarine + sugar and water. Mix and blend them all to make a dough. What would be its taste if I eat that dough? Hmmm.. I am sure I will spit it out from my mouth. I am not crazy, hehheh..

I need the heat to bake the dough. The heat will transform the dough to be the cookies. Without the heat, maybe the dough will be thrown away into the garbage can.

Now, let me make a metaphor.

All problems I face everyday are the ingredients that could make my life in misery. But I want to transform all that problems to make my life happier. What kind of ‘heat’ I should have or do to ‘bake’ my problems and in the end I could stand as a more positively person?



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