Your Love

Aku ga ingat kapan pertama kali dengar lagu ini, namun yang pasti aku langsung jatuh cinta dengan liriknya. Bagiku, lagu ini lagu rohani, karena sampai sekarang tidak ada Pribadi yang mengasihi aku melebihi Tuhan yang telah menyelamatkan aku.

Yuk didengar!

Sometimes when I’m standing all alone
I think of things that I have done
And start to wonder if there’s one thing
That means more than others I have known
And suddenly it’s clear to me
Without your love where would I be

Your love has kept me going
Through good and bad times
It’s kept me growing
Like a steady flame
Your love has kept on burning
Through sweet and sad times
I’ll keep returning to the magic of your love

Through the years my dreams may come and go
For fortune is a funny thing
And no one knows what time may bring
But through the highs and
lows of it I’ll know
That there’s one thing I know for sure
The one thing I’ve been living for


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